How to place an order with RK Service GmbH

What do I have to do to shop at


First of all you can view our complete assortment in detail without obligation. Once you have decided for a product you can order online directly by placing it in the virtual basket (button “to the basket”).


On the top right of our website you always find the basket. It can easily be reached by clicking the button “your basket” and you are forwarded to an overview of the products in your basket. You can see here again a summary of all selected products, prices and shipping costs. Order quantities can be adapted here as well.


After clicking on the button „check-out“ you can enter your personal data. Please fill in all fields marked with an *asterisk truly and accurately. All we need to know is your email-address, general contact details as well as your billing and shipping address. You are welcome to leave your phone number so that we can reach you quickly if there are any queries.

Order Check

By clicking on the button „check order“ you can see again a complete overview of your order. Should you have forgotten something or if data are incorrect, you can return and make changes at any time.

Liable to pay order

To complete the order just confirm our „General Terms and Conditions“ and click on the button “liable to pay order”. Following directly you receive an e-mail confirming the receipt of your order which is promptly carried out by our competent service team!